A.S. Technologies and Consulting Inc., AsTech is a Middle East E-payments solutions provider for online merchants who wish to extend their business growing sales to the Middle East and North Africa market


AsTech is a Middle East E-payments solutions provider. AsTech accepts payment methods such as ; Coupons, e wallets and cash, Local bank cards and international credit cards. AsTech opens merchant accounts for each payment methods and accept payments in local currencies, US$, EURO and GBP.

The Middle East and North Africa region – MENA , heavily relies on cash to pay salaries, make or receive payments and fulfill other financial obligations. It causes delayed or missed payments, and paper-based record-keeping.

In the recent years, there is turn to electronic payments which boost the retail markets selling goods or services. The e payment solutions are not generic, taking into account environmental and infrastructure factors. E-payments expand the range of payment options available within a country, which often stimulates local consumption and ease the flow of capital by catering to a large portion of the population.

Why E-payments ?

Businesses benefit  by providing them with secure, reliable and efficient alternative payment solutions to cash payments, giving them greater insight to their customers’ spending habits.

Consumers benefit by purchasing through their online banking with no need to physically pick up the product. The region’s high mobile penetration accelerates the movement towards e-payments. Non Banked consumers benefit from using mobile payments in e-payments platforms. Mobile payments offers access anytime, anywhere and even based on location.

Why AsTech is the right Middle East E-payments gateway?

  • AsTech is an ecosystem providing the right payment methods for each different country across the region.
  • Connect your business web site to all our middle east E-payments solutions through one single API
  • Accept  more of the local debit cards, credit cards, cash payments, ewallets and mobile solutions
  • Receive your orders in local currencies, US$ or EURO.
  • Get Settled in any major currencies
  • Issue refunds through our back office or API
  • Astech provides real-time reporting, easy integration and multilingual switchable interface