Introducing AsTech’s e-payments global partnership and referral program


A.S. Technologies and Consulting (AsTech) is a leading e-payments provider for credit cards and alternative e-payments.

International network of partnerships with banks and alternative solution providers allows AsTech to offer a vast amount of e-payments – credit cards and domestic alternative payment methods.

Our API allows our clients to integrate with us and be connected to all our e-payment solutions at once.

AsTech offers a referral Partnership Program. Our partners can refer us potential clients for e-payments gateway. Once we approve those clients for processing, our partners will receive on going revenue commission for those accounts.
Our partners will have an interface to monitor their clients transactions and their ongoing revenue.

AsTech will guide your clients through every step of the application process including the due diligence process, integration process and contract sign until going live.

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Why we are different

  • Competitive service rate
  • Expert risk management and technology
  • Multiple banking opportunities worldwide
  • Global and local payment methods
  • Multiple payout solution
  • Multiple- currency processing and settlement
  • Simple integration into your existing trading platform