A.S. Technologies processing is a a payment gateway. Crypto online merchants who wish to provide their customers, worldwide Crypto payments, adopt our payment gateway.

Crypto payments regulations

Regulated Crypto brokers are forced to accept or withdraw funds from their registered customers using the same payment solution. This presents regulated Crypto brokers with a major challenge, forcing them to hook up with Crypto payments providers that deal with such a requirement. AsTech’s Crypto Payments Solutions are tailored to those needs and offer the same pay-in and payout solutions to Crypto brokers.

Our Payment providers

 AsTech as a Crypto Payment Solutions Provider offers Cryoto brokers domestic payment solutions  including wire solutions,  e-wallet and prepaid cards solutions. Some online customers prefer not to expose their credit card information. AsTech provides these customers with alternative payment solutions that remove the need to expose personal information.

  • Your business website is connected to all our payment solutions through a single API.
  • Your Crypoto merchant account is connected to all major Crypto payment solutions.
  • You can accept worldwide local debit and credit cards, wire transfers, cash deposits and e-wallet payments.
  • You can receive your settlement in USD, GBP or EUR.
  • You can issue refunds through our back office or API.
  • AsTech’s Crypto Payment Gateway provides real-time reporting, easy integration and a multilingual user interface.
  • The AsTech system is highly secured with 128 SSL Bit and PCI-DSS compliance.

How do Crypoto payment solutions contribute to your success?

  • Gives your online trading platform worldwide exposure.
  • Expands your customer base to countries with large growth potential such as Brazil, China, Japan, Russia and the Middle East.
  • Enhances your payment solutions in Europe, Latin America, North America and the Far East.
  • Offers your affiliates and customers a variety of payout solutions: wire transfers and European prepaid MasterCard.
  • Controls your customers’ payments via one dashboard in our back office reporting system.