A.S. Technologies and Consulting  LTD (ASTECHPAY), founded in 2013, with its head office located in CYPRUS, is a global online payment gateway for credit cards and alternative payment solutions.

A.S. Technologies and Consulting  LTD  (ASTECHPAY) is a leading e-payments provider for credit cards and alternative e-payments.

International network of partnerships with banks and alternative solution providers allow ASTECHPAY to offer a vast amount of e-payments, credit cards and domestic alternative payments methods.

More comprehensive

A.S. Technologies and Consulting LTD , ASTECHPAY , is a payment gateway designed for worldwide customers. No matter you are an online Forex broker or an e commerce merchant, you can offer the ideal payment method to each one of your customers.

If you are a company interested to offer your services to China customers, A.S. Technologies and Consulting  as a  payment gateway, can allow you to offer these customers to pay with their Union Pay card or through their local Visa or MasterCard.

If you are an international online merchant, ASTECHPAY can offer your customers more payment options so as to increase your sales. AsTech provides your worldwide customers with cash payment solutions, bank transfers, direct debit, wallets, vouchers and coupons.

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A.S. Technologies and Consulting (AsTech) is a one-stop shop for online payments, worldwide credit cards and alternative payment solutions.

Why we are different

  • Competitive service rate
  • Expert risk management and technology
  • Multiple banking opportunities worldwide
  • Global and local payment methods
  • Multiple payout solution
  • Multiple- currency processing and settlement
  • Simple integration into your existing trading platform