• General E commerce Payments

AsTech provides General E commerce payments solutions and merchant accounts for General E commerce web sites

General E commerce Payments

A.S. Technologies processing is a General E commerce Payments gateway.E commerce online merchants who wish to provide their customers, worldwide credit card and alternative payment methods, adopt our payment gateway.

Our Payment providers

AsTech is a General E commerce Payments and Solutions Provider, offers E commerce websites domestic payment solutions including wire transfers, cash payments, e-wallet and prepaid cards or coupons.Through our multiple solutions, Astech payment engine can connect all ‘low risk’ categories that operate in the General E commerce space such as:
• Cloud Storage Services
• SEO Services
• Electronics Retailers
• Clothing and footwear Retailers
• Hotel Bookings

Why choose ASTECH as your Payments Partner ?

  • Real time transactional data via Astech Back Office Portal
  • Transaction monitoring and screening
  • Weekly payouts
  • Risk Management
  • E-commerce and MOTO transaction
  • PCI DSS Secure processing environment
  • Worldwide payment acceptance
  • Increased approval ratios using Cascading system
  • Multi-Currency payment processing
  • Customer support
  • Optional 3DS processing


How do e commerce payments contribute to your success?

  • Gives your online trading platform worldwide exposure.
  • Expands your customer base to countries with large growth potential such as Brazil, China, Japan, Russia and the Middle East.
  • Enhances your payment methods in Europe, Latin America, North America and the Far East.
  • Offers your affiliates and customers a variety of payout solutions: wire transfers and European prepaid MasterCard.
  • Controls your customers’ payments via one dashboard in our back office reporting system.


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