Cash options are local payment solutions such as prepaid cards, vouchers or coupons that are purchased in stores or kiosks. A cash option utilizes the concept of a randomly generated, one-time use of a unique voucher/coupon number. Once it has been used it cannot be accepted again. A cash deposit joint venture has been established with Cash4FX is a global payment solution focusing on forex vendors and Binary Options Brokers e-payments needs. Cash4FX allows full cash pay-in/payout relations with customers. Cash4FX services are provided worldwide by MoneyNet via AsTech’s global payment gateway.

Wire transfers are local transfers from the customer’s bank to another bank in the same country. Wire transfers can be made over-the-counter from the customer’s online banking or deposits. Our wire transfer solutions cover Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Japan.

E-check payments are USA bank debit solutions, requiring customers to provide their bank account details: account number and routing number. The request to deduct funds is carried out via a processor’s secure page. Some of the e-check providers require the customer to sign electronically. An e-check payment solution is not considered a real time approval of the payment. It usually takes 48-72 hours until the funds are settled.

E-wallet, also known as a virtual account, is considered a pre-paid payment solution. Some customers prefer to use their virtual account balance to separate between their usual expenses and expenses for special occasions. AsTech Gateway offers cashU wallet as its major solution for Middle East customers.

Virtual Debit Cards are Visa or MasterCard brands with no plastic. These cards can be accepted in any website that processes credit cards and accepts either of these brands.

CUP -China Union Pay plays a fundamental role in operating an interbank transaction settlement system, realizing the interoperability among banks, and facilitating interbank, cross- region and cross-border transactions of bankcards in China.

AsTech provides alternative payments such as Bank transfers, Cash payments, Prepaid Cards and e wallets.

Some online customers prefer not to expose their credit card details. AsTech provides these customers with alternative payment methods, commonly used in their domestic location. Alternative payment methods are divided into a few sub-categories: virtual debit cards, cash deposits and payouts, wire transfers and e-wallets.