MasterCard debit card increase the sales volume


A.S. Technologies believe that a prepaid card provides incremental revenue streams. Cash consumers adopting  prepaid card payments do not migrate from existing payment methods.

Where can it be purchased ?

Europe : Germany, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, Romania, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Latvia,  Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Slovakia.

Why Astech ?

  • Your business website is connected to all our payment solutions through a single API.
  • Your merchant account is connected to all major payments.
  • You can accept worldwide local debit and credit cards, wire transfers, cash deposits and e-wallet payments.
  • You can receive your settlement in USD, GBP or EUR.
  • You can issue refunds through our back office or API.
  • AsTechs Payment Solutions System provides real-time reporting, easy integration and a multilingual user interface.
  • The AsTech system is highly secured with 128 SSL Bit and PCI-DSS compliance.

How do Forex prepaid card payments contribute to your success?

  • Prepaid card payments are generated by customers you wouldn’t get, they do not migrate from existing payment methods.
  • No personal data is required to make a prepaid card payment.
  • A robust, regulated and proven method of getting real cash as a payment method. There zero charge backs and fraud issues.
  • reduced fraud and repudiation.
  • Prepaid payments are ideal for UN-banked, for banked but unable to use their card online and for digitally nervous or digitally excluded.
  • A Europian wide cash payment solution with immediate growing global reach which is straightforward and quick to implent.

Digitally nervous

  • Victims of online fraud
  • Scared of online
  • Prefer anonymity
  • Perfer not to share presonal data

Digitally Excluded

  • Under/UN-banked
  • No credit card
  • credit card not accepted


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